Apple Smartwatch

Just wanted to start out with my purchase for Christmas, a new Apple smartwatch with GPS. I have not even opened the box yet. So I have to practice what I preach now because I have a new gadget that I will need to learn how to use. It started out as an order from Best Buy instead of Amazon due to a store credit card that would be cancelled if we didn’t use it by a certain date. (Please click on the Amazon link on this page to order new things) Therefore, I bought three new devices to play with. I originally bought the watch so I could set it up for my health and wanting a way where I would have GPS so I wouldn’t get lost when I am in new surroundings. Yes, I have days when I am not sure what day it is let alone where I am when I travel. I am hoping this will delay my need for a life alert necklace for me. There was an instance where I passed out and had to go to the emergency room about a year ago. If it had not been for my husband being home I am not sure what would have happened to me that day. So I figure with a smartwatch I will know what time it is along with what day it is and my heart rate so I don’t feel quite as forgetful In my old age. Then if I do faint, pass out or fall down I will be able to check my vital signs in case I don’t have my phone. I’m sure this watch will have all kinds of neat features that will help me keep better track of my health. So wish me luck on figuring out this new device. Then I also ordered a new tablet for myself and a furry fake cat for my dad who is eighty nine years young. I bought him a smartwatch too so I will have to figure mine out so I can teach him how to use his. So until next time, I will keep you all updated on my progress next post. Happy holidays to everyone and hope Santa brings you the new device’s you want this year. Remember to click on my Amazon link on this page. (In the process of getting a link up for eBay on my page also).

Calming Computer Jitters

I have to start out by saying I am not a professional computer technician, I am just an older, not quite senior citizen that is concerned about the older population not being able to access and use today’s technology to be able to improve their lives. The items that are listed on my page are just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to technology. However, I wanted our older community a way to be better able to understand some of these products and how they can help them every day in regards to safety, social and family technology. I think seniors are starting to embrace some of the newer things that are available to them, they are just not sure how to use them. I am hopeful that this website will be an easy to understand way to have seniors be able to see what is out there AND how to use it. It doesn’t do enough good just to introduce them to new technology if they are unsure if they will be able to use it. According to the Washington Post, millions of older adults are newly motivated to get online and participate in digital technology after being stuck inside, hoping to avoid coronavirus, for more than a year. Many of these people have purchased new technology only to have it sit in their homes still in boxes because they are afraid they won’t know how to use them.  A survey from AARP conducted in September and October found that older adults boosted technology purchases but more than half (54%) said they needed a better grasp of the devices that they acquired. Nearly 4 in 10 (37%) admitted they were not confident about using these technologies. A retired hospital operating room attendant is among them. “Computers put the fear in me” she told them, “but this pandemic made me realize I have to make a change and get over that.” With their daughters help they plan to turn on their new computer and figure out how to use it by consulting materials from Generations on Line. This is an organization that specializes in teaching older adults about digital devices and navigating the Internet. They discovered it through a local publication for the elderly. Before the pandemic, Generations on Line provided free in-person training sessions at senior centers, public housing complexes, libraries and retirement centers. When those programs shut dow, it created an online curriculum for smartphones and tablets.
I am hoping to be able to post things that will make it easier for older adults to get used to the items and know how to use them. I think there are places that teach the basics on smartphones and tablets, but many do not have a place or a family member to help them one on one. I think a lot of older adults don’t even have access to the internet either due to location or how much it costs to have internet in the first place. If they are lucky enough to have Internet in their home, they will be able to access this web page to show them what is available along with free help on using these items to the best of my knowledge or where to go when they have questions or concerns about these devices. I will be researching and posting things I think will be helpful to this generation.

The Internal Features of 5K Televisions

The internal features of 5K Televisions. Modern technology has led to a lot of changes in the development of television with 5K Televisions being the latest in the market. Letter K is the controlling factor both today and in the future and comes with great resolution.

Unlike the normal resolution in a pixel which has controlled the industry for decades for the TV models, the K series has taken over the shelves with the number before K set to determine the series. When K comes after a number, the number defines the quality of the picture and the number of horizontal lines expected.

If you are used to watching 1080 pixel, 5K Televisions will give you some of the best experiences. The technology has been adopted by some of the major players in the industry such as Apple that is set to be a game-changer in most of their products. Read more »

Home Theater Systems

Many consumers are taking a renewed interest in Home Theater Systems. The manufacturer wants to impress people with the Home Theater Systems

on the market. The manufacturers have a great lineup of Home Theater Systems on the market. Look through their catalogs for great examples of modern technology. The picture and sound quality could be important in the future. These Home Theater Systems are selling quite quickly for those in the know. Customers want to give the item a chance when they learn more about the products.

The price tag for Home Theater Systems is worth consideration. These items have wowed people and given them a chance to identify great new features. Trust the manufacturer and talk to sales staff teams who understand Home Theater Systems. Read more »

Two Reasons 4K Televisions Rock

Buying a new television can be challenging, especially when there are so many to choose from.

For example, what’s the difference between 1080p and 4K?

Simple, the number of pixels, right?

Well, yes and no. There are several reasons why 4K televisions have become crowd-pleasers.

So, here are two reasons why.


The simplest way to explain it is that a 4K television has nearly four times the amount of pixels as their 1080p sibling.

However, just like cameras, the pixel density and number are best pointed out on large screens. Since television size is not important for some, neither will the number of pixels.

Colors Read more »

What Is A GrandPad Tablet?

While millennials are enjoying all the new and advanced technologies coming out, it has been a huge struggle for senior citizens to understand and relate to. The fast-paced world of technology has made it harder for them to keep up.

This is why father and son, Scott and Isaac Lien designed a user-friendly touch screen tablet specifically made for senior citizens. The traditional tablets being used today can be confusing and complicated at times, making it hard for people to reach or communicate with their grandparents especially when far away. With the help of the GrandPad tablet, it has made the experience so much simpler and easier for them.

From its physical features to its internal features, everything is so much less complicated. The apps are already pre-installed, saving them the hassle of having to download them one by one. It has all the basic apps needed like call options, messaging, camera, contacts, internet browser, weather, games, and so on. Read more »

Why You Should Buy A Ring Doorbell For Your House

Back in the day, doorbells that were available were dull and boring. It definitely does its job to notify homeowners that there is someone at the door, although there seem to be some elements missing, and certainly can have more room for improvement.

As our technology advances, inventors have come up with ideas that could change the game for those typical doorbells. Today, most homeowners are now using ring doorbells. It is a doorbell that can be used as home security with the help of its motion-detecting cameras, providing homeowners video footage of any events occurring outside their homes.

Homeowners now would be able to check in on any incoming visitors without having to open their door and even allow you to communicate with them through the doorbell. It really comes in handy especially when you don’t really recognize the person standing outside your door. Read more »

How Technology Can Help Seniors Stay Safe

A growing trend in technology is to focus on the increasing population of “senior citizens”. Technology for seniors can help us all by helping our elders remain safe and healthy as they grow older and become more dependent upon them. This article goes over a few examples of how technology for seniors can be used to make this life stage easier at home while also keeping parents safe with their children.

Technology for seniors is designed to accommodate their special needs, and many types of mobility aids incorporate electronics into the design so that seniors are able to get around without difficulty, but these devices can also be used to better serve their children as well. Technology for seniors uses GPS systems, RFID tags (Radio-frequency identification) and other wireless information technologies to track the location of individuals that may have memory problems or mental health issues.

Technology for Seniors When Seniors Can No Longer Drive Technology that helps keep senior citizens safe enables them to stay at home longer than move out of the house into a care facility. Technology can save time and money by keeping loved ones from needing constant assistance and supervision, allowing them to live independently without having dependents drive back and forth constantly.

Technology for seniors makes it so people with dementia don’t get lost when they go out driving, which provides peace of mind both in knowing they’ll always be safe and in knowing that you don’t have to keep them from driving. Read more »

Smart Home Technology for Quick Access and Control

Smart home technology had already gained popularity all over the world. The introduction of smart home technology is found to be very effective to promote the security of the home. Access to the control of electronic devices via a remote control can be made effortless with the help of smart home technology.

The majority of electronic cameras, lights, and other devices are equipped with smart sensors to enhance user comfort. High flexibility in device controlling options is one of the main advantages of utilizing smart home technology. The inclusion of smart home technology allows people to control electronic devices from anywhere as per the specified range of locations. High flexibility in the management of electronic devices allows enhanced user comfort to all the registered customers. Effortless management of security options like indoor cameras using smart home technology assures enhanced security of the location as per the requirement.

At present, you can buy electronic devices with smart sensors from online stores. To ensure long-lasting performance, feel free to select products of a reliable manufacturing company from stores. Quick access to control is one of the main advantages of utilizing smart home technology. Read more »

Why You Should Buy Wireless Earbuds

As the years go by, technology has gone through many changes and development. It has managed to change people’s lifestyles, making it easier and more enjoyable. One of the recent developments technology has made is giving us wireless earbuds.

Though it may seem so simple, it has a huge impact on people’s daily lives. Before we had the pleasure of enjoying those wireless earbuds, we had to endure the hassle of using wired earphones/headphones.

Say goodbye to those days of having those wires getting all tangled up while listening to music, or not being able to move around freely. Wireless earbuds have finally changed the game. They aren’t just more convenient, they are also really stylish.

No more of those dangling wires to ruin your outfit. Another thing is that they are also really affordable, given all the pros it comes with. You can now multitask while using your earbuds. There won’t be any more wires to limit your movements while doing daily activities or exercising. Read more »

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