What Is A GrandPad Tablet?

While millennials are enjoying all the new and advanced technologies coming out, it has been a huge struggle for senior citizens to understand and relate to. The fast-paced world of technology has made it harder for them to keep up.

This is why father and son, Scott and Isaac Lien designed a user-friendly touch screen tablet specifically made for senior citizens. The traditional tablets being used today can be confusing and complicated at times, making it hard for people to reach or communicate with their grandparents especially when far away. With the help of the GrandPad tablet, it has made the experience so much simpler and easier for them.

From its physical features to its internal features, everything is so much less complicated. The apps are already pre-installed, saving them the hassle of having to download them one by one. It has all the basic apps needed like call options, messaging, camera, contacts, internet browser, weather, games, and so on. There even is an app made to allow family members and friends to communicate with them in a fun and easy way. You can send them photos, update their contacts, and make video calls with them easily. This allows senior citizens to stay in trend and relate to the new generation in their own way.

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